Limb Protectors

Supplied by Knox (

  • CE Approved to EN1621-1 Level 2
  • Made from high performance PU foam with elastomeric properties
  • Protectors absorb significantly more energy because of the material cell structure which makes them more resilient to impact
  • The benefit of having elasticity in the material construction is superior repeat performance, increased comfort and added softness
  • Non hard shell

BKS’s own range as an Upgrade

  • CE Approved to EN1621-1 Level 2
  • Made from ‘Extra Thick’ high performance PU foam
  • These protectors are similar to Knox but cover larger surface areas and absorb even more energy
  • Lined with 4mm of Tempur Foam (otherwise known as viscoelastic polyurethane or ‘memory’ foam) to increase wearer comfort
  • Available as an Upgrade at extra cost
  • Non hard shell

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