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Does not crack; Lavender scented; easy to use & 100% natural, Manufactured in the UK.
100ml pot comes with a sponge.

The Natural wax is Translucent so can be used on any colour but may cause slight discolouration to Nubuck or light tanned leather.
The Black wax is for black lether ONLY and not to be used on any other colour. If your suit is Black and another colour we recommend the natural wax to avoid any staining.

Apply to DRY, CLEAN LEATHER, using the sponge supplied. REMOVE ANY EXCESS DucksWax from seams, ridges or joins in the leather with a shoe brush, PRIOR TO IT DRYING. For best results use a lint free buffing cloth afterwards as well. It is not necessary to avoid getting it onto any plastic parts (motorcycle boots, for instance) but avoid the Velcro fastenings. Reapply as & when necessary. The more often applied the greater the effectiveness.

Not recommended for nylon; Gore-Tex or synthetic materials.

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Ducks Wax Colours

Black, Neutral


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