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Translucent wax so can be used on any colour, does not crack; smells nice; easy to use & 100% natural. 100ml pot comes with a sponge.  30ml black wax available at £5.00. (Please call us if you would like this).

Apply to DRY, CLEAN LEATHER, using the sponge supplied. REMOVE ANY EXCESS DucksWax from seams, ridges or joins in the leather with a shoe brush, PRIOR TO IT DRYING. For best results use a lint free buffing cloth afterwards as well. It is not necessary to avoid getting it onto any plastic parts (motorcycle boots, for instance) but avoid the Velcro fastenings. Reapply as & when necessary. The more often applied the greater the effectiveness. You will experience slight discolourations when using this product on Nubuck or lighty tanned leather.   Not recommended for nylon; Gore-Tex or synthetic materials.


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