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Racing trousers
Touring trousers worn with both the Stormflap and Lancer jackets

Comfort. Safety. Performance.

Available as made to measure or off the peg in many designs and in unlimited colour schemes

Trousers are simply the lower half of the two piece suit and therefore share identical construction features. There are two styles of trousers which are designed to go with their respective jackets, the SPR and SPS.


Knee stretch panels are optional and give the same degree of flexibility as our pre-shaped knees. Made from full spec leather with heavy gauge elastic behind. Available for all suits.
Pockets are only available in this style of trouser. All - leather construction guaranteed never to wear out. For safety reasons these pockets are only knuckle deep.
High back padded waistband.
2 way stretch fit with side adjusters. Trouser pockets determine the half width rear stretch panel.

High back padded waistband with full wraparound rear waist stretch. Note the darted fit of the bum section.
The fly fastening emulates that of the one piece.
The groin insert can be perforated leather or stretch Kevlar©

Calf inserts, usually made in perforated leather, enhance bent leg comfort.



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